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Sports Day 2019

First place - USA team



Max B



Isaac M

Connie M



Tom C

Evie B

Mollie A

Finley B




Second place - Japan team


Evelyn W

Daniel W






William S


Finley B



Alfie B


Third place - Jamaica

Daniel B

Connie B


Charlie T


Jess M



Oliver P

Jess E


Max G

George H

Oliver W



Athletics Competition - 1st Place !

Sports day 2017



Gold "Italy"



Fraser M




Jacob M

Connie B




Noah M



Silver "Jamaica"



George H

George A


Ruby R

William G

Ava Grace


Freddie R

Charlie H

Daniel F

Isobel H


Bronze "USA"


Holly B

Thomas J

James B




Oliva J


Max B

George J




Individual winners


Elm - Charlie B

Pine - Alice

Oak - William G

Beech - Toby

Ash - Orin

Maple - Fionn

Willow - Teddy



Elm - Lucas

Pine - Rosie

Oak - William SD

Beech - Olivia J

Ash - Jasper

Maple - Harrison

Willow - Bertie


Elm - Lauren

Pine - Noah M

Oak - Isaac

Beech -William G

Ash - James

Maple - Fergus

Willow - Kian



Girls' football match

Girls' football match 1

Our athletics team - third placed in Newark area

Our athletics team - third placed in Newark area 1

Our new football kit!

Our new football kit! 1
Picture 1

Congratulations to our girls' football team, who won the Newark

and District Primary Sports Association autumn football tournament!

Picture 1
Picture 2

Sports day May 2016


Team winners


Gold - "Spain"

(Alice, Oliver, Isabella C, Daisy, Leah, Kate, Toby, Josh B, Lizzie, Ruth, Ben T, Harry B,  and Simon)


Silver - "Canada"

(Maize, Henry W, Daniel W, Ellie, Vivienne-Mai, Evie B, Ruby W, Archie, Orin, Toby B, Freddie W, Katie G, Lily A and Callum)


Bronze - "USA"

(Maison, Belle, William, Jack, Lewis, Cole, Kitty, Tia, Emily, Elliott, Fraser, Abbee, Ruari and Charlotte)


Individual medals



Elm - Maizie

Pine  - William

Oak - Ruby

Beech - Jasper

Ash - Josh

Maple - Kian

Willow - Josh



Elm - Belle

Pine - Freddie

Oak - Phoebe

Beech - Ciara

Ash - Ben

Maple - Finn

Willow - Isobel



Elm - Maison

Pine - Oliver

Oak - Finley

Beech - James

Ash - Elliott

Maple - Teddy

Willow - Callum


Sprint race finals



Elm - Max

Pine - Joshua

Oak - Olivia

Beech - Orin

Ash - Harrison

Maple - Henry

Willow - Matthew



Elm - Josh

Pine - William

Oak - Ruby

Beech - Alfie

Ash - Toby

Maple - Kian

Willow - Ruari



Elm - Alice

Pine - Rossi

Oak - William

Beech - Isobel

Ash - Elliott

Maple - Abbee

Willow - Ben



Primary Schools Cross Country Relays 2015/6

This winter’s series of relays produced the closest final in its 8 years history since it was first organised in 2007/8 by N&S School Sports Partnership, the, then, Grove School and Newark AC.  Going into the final race on 1st March, the event, which has been held annually at Grove playing fields, saw Abbeygates, with 28 points, leading defending champions, Bleasby, by just one point with Claypole and Highfields tying for 3rd place a further 4 points behind.

Bleasby had won the first race, in October, from Claypole with Abbeygates 3rd, but Abbeygates then won the next 2 races, in November and February, with Bleasby gaining 2nd and 3rd places.

Bleasby had 4 teams on the day 2 of which featured strongly through the race, but it was Claypole’s Peter McKee who led in the first leg runners with the fastest time of the day (3.06m). He was closely followed by Alfie Richardson (3.09) of Bleasby Blue team and Lewis Gallooley-Rogers (3.11) of Bleasby Red team. While Bleasby were running their fastest runners on leg 1, Abbeygates had Sam Potts, a year 4 boy, who came in 8th, with the 2nd fastest time for his age, 3.28.

Leg 2 saw Violet Roberts of Bleasby Blue produce the fastest time for a year 6 girl, 3.30, which took her team into the lead. Bleasby Red stayed in 3rd place behind Claypole, while Alice Jones moved Abbeygates into 4th place, with 3.32, the second fastest Y6G of the day.

Bleasby Blue maintained the lead for the next 2 legs, while their Red team moved into 2nd place and Abbeygates up to 3rd place. On leg 5 Bleasby Red moved into the lead, with Freddie Polak producing the fastest time for a Y5B of 3.27. Excellent runs by Beth Hamilton and Elliott Havecroft saw Abbeygates move into 2nd place, while Joe Doubell took Barnby Road up to 3rd

Abbeygates had saved their fastest runner, Francis Dermody, for the last leg, while Evie Wicks, a Y5G, was starting the final leg for Bleasby Red with just an 18 second lead. Although Francis gained a few seconds, Evie produced an excellent run with 3.28, the fastest girls’ time of the day, giving her team a 9 seconds win. Behind these 2, Highfields had moved steadily through the field after lying 17th on leg one, and their 2 fastest runners, Joe Rose and Mason Heppel, brought them up to 3rd place over the last 2 laps, followed by Barnby Road, John Blow , Claypole, Coddington and Blidworth Oaks.

It was interesting to note that the first 3 teams had strong runners on all legs – they were the only teams with all 6 members running below 4.00 minutes.

With Bleasby edging out Abbeygates on the day, it meant that the 2 teams tied for 1st place over the winter series – the first joint winners since the start of the competition. Highfields’ strong finish ensured that they took 3rd place over Claypole.

Team result on the day: 1: Bleasby 21.15; 2: Abbeygates 21.24; 3: Highfields 21.55.

Fastest runners: Y6B: Peter McKee (Claypole) 3.06; Y6G: Violet Roberts (Bleasby) 3.30; Y5B: Freddie Polak 3.27; Y5G: Evie Wicks (Bleasby) 3.28; Y4B: Jack Trippett (Coddington) 3.27; Y4G: Kelsey Haigh (Bleasby) 3.44

Series team result: joint 1st: Abbeygates and Bleasby (37 points); 3rd: Highfields (31); 4th: Claypole (28); 5th: Barnby Road (26); 6th: John Blow (21); 7th Coddington (12); 8th:Blidworth Oaks (3)


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7

Joe Buckland - GB Ice Dancer visit

Sailing Club

Sailing Club 1
Sailing Club 2
Sailing Club 3
Sailing Club 4
Sailing Club 5
Sailing Club 6
Sailing Club 7
Sailing Club 8
Sailing Club 9
Sailing Club 10
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Sports Day 2015



Gold "China"

Silver "Australia"

Bronze "France"


Individual awards

YR Gold William G, Silver William SD, Bronze Jaydon

Y1 Gold Toby, Silver Jake, Bronze Jacob D

Y2 Gold Alfie, Silver Becca, Bronze Jasmine

Y3 Gold Fionn, Silver Paige, Bronze Elliott

Y4 Gold Henry, Silver Teddy, Bronze Leo

Y5 Gold Ruari, Silver Callum, Bronze Ben

Y6 Finn N, Silver Jacob, Bronze Emily


Sprint races

YR Gold Daisy/William G, Silver Emily/Rossi, Bronze Ellie/Josh

Y1 Gold Ruby/Finley, Silver Bonnie/Toby, Bronze Oliva/William

Y2 Gold Isobel/Alfie, Silver Jasmine/Jasper, Bronze Jessica/Corey

Y3 Gold Evie/Harrison, Silver Elsa/Fionn, Bronze Eva/Freddie

Y4 Gold Neve/Henry, Silver Abbee/Kian, Bronze Katie/Teddy

Y5 Gold Isobel/Matthew, Silver Betsy/Callum, Bronze Lily/Ben

Y6 Gold Emily/Will, Silver Elise/Bailey, Bronze Ruby/Finn M

Boccia Game Report Feb 2015

Sports Day 2014

Sports Day 2014 1
Sports Day 2014 2
Sports Day 2014 3
Sports Day 2014 4
Sports Day 2014 5
Sports Day 2014 6
Sports Day 2014 7
Sports Day 2014 8
Sports Day 2014 9
Sports Day 2014 10
Sports Day 2014 11
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Sports Day 2014 16
Sports Day 2014 17
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Sports Day 2014 21
Sports Day 2014 22