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School uniform

School Uniform

Most clothing retailers or supermarkets offer a wide range of resonably priced items suitable for a school uniform.

Please contact the school office if you would like any support.

The Friends of John Blow (PTA) sell second hand uniform if required.



     Uniform dress code                                                                                       

     Red sweatshirt                                                Redcardigan                                                                     

     White polo shirt                                                  Grey trousers / skirt / shorts                                      

     Gingham red summer dress                              Grey pinafore                                                                     

     Black / Red / Grey tights                                    White socks (with skirts/ dresses)

     Plain, dark socks (with trousers)                        Dark, plain sensible shoes (not ballerina style)

     Red (round neck) embroidered PE t-shirt          Black shorts and jogging bottoms (for PE)


Children are to have their kit and trainers at school at all times. Children must remove watches and earrings before all PE and games lessons for reasons of safety.


Long hair must be tied back at all times to prevent it from obscuring vision and becoming entangled in apparatus.



Children will need a swimming bag, costume and towel. Girls need a one piece costume, boys need trunks or close fitting recognised swimming shorts.


PE and swimming are part of the National Curriculum and are statutory requirements.


All clothing, footwear and equipment must be clearly marked with the child's name. We cannot accept responsibility for lost clothing.


Children are not permitted make-up, tattoos, hair gel or nail varnish in school.

Please save shaved hair patterns/coloured hair for the summer holidays.


Jewellery should not be worn in school. The only excepton is for pierced ears where plain, small, gold or silver studs may be worn, and a plain watch. Children wearing earrings must remove them for PE and games - they must be able to do this themselves - or covered by a plaster by the chlld.