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Parent satisfaction survey

Parent questionnaire summer 2019            
  strongly agree agree neither agree/disagree disagree strongly disagree No answer
My child is happy at school 28 11   1    
My child feels safe at school 31 9        
My child makes good progress 25 14 1      
My child is well looked after 28 12        
My child is taught well 33 6 1      
My child receives appropriate homework 18 15 6   1  
The school ensures children are well behaved 20 16 3     1
the school deals effectively with bullying 14 10 7 1 1 6
The school is well led and managed 27 12 1      
The school responds well to any concern I raise 23 11 4   1  
I receive valuable information from the school about my child's progress 19 16 6      
I would recommend this school to another parent 27 11 1      

Parents’ evening questionnaire March 2018

105 responses





I was made to feel welcome in the school when I arrived.




The waiting time to see teachers was reasonable.




The teachers were approachable and informative.




Teachers were courteous and polite.




I felt I could ask questions.




Are the times offered most convenient?

(3- 5 pm/ 5 – 7.30 pm)




Parents were also asked for their views on the school website

Do you use the school website for information?

Parents suggested:

  • More photographs on the website
  • Uniform information
  • School lunch menu
  • Parents’ forum minutes
  • More information on out-of-school ideas to help at home

Do you look at class pages on the website?

Do you look at the calendar on the school website?

Do you look at award winners? (eg golden pen, Fenton trophy etc)

Do you look at the after school club information on the website? (shows the clubs, times and dates)

What else would you like to see on the school website?

Where would you go to find out about internet safety for your child?


What we have done in reponse

  • Some of these suggestions were already on the website (eg school lunch menu, parents’ forum minutes, uniform information), but we have altered the website to make these items more obvious

  • We have added some Youtube tutorials to help parents support their child at home

  • We wrote to parents with some guidance on where to find information on the website

Parent questionnaire Summer 2017

We had 28 replies to our questionnaire

Parents were asked what they liked about the school, and what they and their children would like to see improved.

Some of their likes were

  • Start/finish times are prompt

  • Teachers are friendly and approachable

  • Interactive activities eg chicks, caterpillars

  • Good communication

  • Quality of teaching

  • Great school values, firm and fair, celebrates success

  • French

  • School trips

  • Variety of lessons and range of opportunities

  • Buddy partners

  • Swimming

  • Breakfast club

  • Small and friendly

  • Teachers take time to explain work and give individual encouragement

  • Welcoming

  • School develops special skills and personalities

  • Fantastic playground space/playing field

  • Special assembly

Wishes to make the school better

  • More extra-curricular clubs for younger children

  • Art club

  • Ideas on books for children to read at home

  • Bigger bikes at playtime

  • More classroom drop-in sessions

  • More school events on other days than Fridays

  • Explanation of awards

  • School meals

  • More equipment on field


Other comments

  • School is excellent, so pleased chose it

  • Great school for my child

  • Lovely school – we are very lucky

  • Like the school as it is and can’t really think of anything to improve it

  • Explanation of awards sent to parents in autumn term, and also on website


Our actions in response so far

  • Reviewed school lunch menu for the autumn term

  • List of suggested books your child might read now on class pages of our school website

  • FOJBS fundraising for new equipment on the school field

  • Summer music concerts/Ash art exhibition held on days other than Friday

  • Class drop-in sessions now planned on termly basis

  • Art club planned for autumn term

Parent questionnaire summer 2016


We had 27 responses to our questionnaire.


Parents were asked what they liked about the school ("stars"), and what they and their children would like to see ("wishes").


Some of their likes were:

· Great facilities , loving and welcoming environment, plenty of communication

· Friendly and approachable staff

· Buddy partners

· Toys and space

· School visits

· Outdoor play area and equipment

· Older children helping younger children

· Breakfast club

· Extra-curricular activities


Some of their wishes were:

· After school care

· More outside equipment (climbing wall)

· Girls run separate to boys on sports day

· Book club

· More ipads

· To look after children if an after school activity cancelled

· Buddy stop in playground

· Tree house

· Garden project

· Double gate by the hens


Actions so far:


· “Read with Ted” after school book club for Y2/3 Autumn 2016

· “Treehouse” structure in KS2 playground installed August 2016

· Talking to FOJBS about fundraising for more playground equipment

· Parents informed of new policy to provide childcare if club cancelled due to bad weather on day of club

· “Oscars” childcare franchise looking into feasibility of after school club at football club








Parental questionnaire June 2015


We had 24 responses to our questionnaire.

All parents said they would recommend the school to another parent.


Parents were asked what they liked about the school ("stars"), and what they and their children would like to see ("wishes").

Some of their likes were:

  • arts and creativity are valued
  • children are encouraged to achieve
  • approachable teachers and effective support staff
  • buddy partners
  • lots of opportunities and visits
  • good facillities
  • caring, friendly and helpful
  • children feel safe and happy

Some of their wishes were:

  • more celebrations (eg World Book Day"). This year, we are celebrating 150 years of "Alice in Wonderland", MacMillan coffee morning, and will take part in other fundraising
  • an art club (this will start autumn 2015)
  • an after school club (we are in talks with a parent who hopes to start this)
  • more visits (autumn term 2015 alone, visits include theatre visits (Nottingham for "We're going on a bear hunt" and "Horrible Histories" and London for "The Nutcracker"), Houses of Parliament and museum visits)
  • more outdoor activities (this term, Y3 children are having regular outdoor lessons each week)
  • more chances to visit classes (this term, we have planned 3 "drop-ins" for parents, plus concerts and Elm class focus weeks, as well as parents' evenings)
  • more information on music lessons (this term, we have sent music lesson letters to all parents, and have approximately 60 children learning instruments)
  • swimming (in the spring term, Y2 and Y3 will swim at the new leisure centre in Newark)