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Welcome to Maple Class

Maple Class ready to plant our new trees

Our Visit to Bomber Command (IBCC), Lincolnshire

Panthers Activity Day at Nottingham

Mark de Lisser

Working with fractions, decimals and percentages

Rainforest sketches

Catapults-fulcrums and levers



Bedtime story-Alfie

Bedtime Story-Archie

Bedtime story-Ciara

Bedtime story- Daniel

Bedtime story Emily's new dragon

Bedtime story- Ethan

Bedtime story-George

Bedtime story- Harry

Bedtime story- James

Bedtime Story -Jasper

Bedtime Story-Jess M

JESS E story.wav

Bedtime Story- Jemima's Dragon

Bedtime Story-Kitty

Bedtime Story-Nathanael

Bedtime Story-Orin

Bedtime Story-Ruby

Bedtime Story- Surya

The day the Dragons Came by Mollie

The dragons of the Mountains-Bedtime Story by Isabella

Bedtime Story- The Mysterious Dragon by Tia


Learning Logs

Y5 curriculum 2017 - 2018

Y5 suggested reading list