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Home learning from June 1st

Welcome to our new home learning page. The tasks here mirror what the children will do in school.


Click on your class star to see your weekly overview and any extra links. 


Remember it is important to do and use what you feel is appropriate and manageable for your family and this will be different for everyone. Our main concern is the emotional and mental well-being (happiness) of you and your families; we know that the building blocks for education come from home and these are: love; compassion; kindness; a desire to read, learn and experience; empathy; respect; manners; resilience; creativity. Remember emotions will change from day to day- if a hug, a hot chocolate and a reading book is what works for your family for that day- that’s great; if it’s completing worksheets- that’s great too.


Below are some other links that you may have found work well with your child(ren) and you may want to continue to use. All our old home learning links are still available if you want to use them.

First news 12th June