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John Blow Primary is a caring school which is committed to a broad, balanced curriculum and to a continual raising of standards regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, culture, religion, social class, disability or special educational need.   Both children and adults should expect to be treated fairly and have the same entitlement as every other child or person. They know this by what is said and what happens at an operational level.


At John Blow Primary we believe that valuing diversity means actively recognising the strengths, talents and needs of every individual and every community.  We nurture the potential of all and maximise the opportunities for all.  We know that, despite legislation e.g. Disability Discrimination, Human Rights, Race Relations Act etc., discrimination still exists and it is for us to strongly address this, when and if it does.  We give our children and adults strategies to deal with it, to know how to address discrimination if they hear it in others and how to know that discrimination is completely unfair and, as such should not be tolerated.

Photos of some of our educational visits

A sample of our after-school clubs and activities

Please note - our curriculum may change and/or topics may move to different terms.

Our classes are named after trees. Elm-Foundation, Pine-Year 1, Oak-Year 2, Beech-Year 3, Ash-Year 4, Maple Year 5 and Willow Year 6.

We use "Letters and Sounds" and "Jolly Phonics" to teach phonics.