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Beech welcome letter

D&T, Maths and Science


This term, our Science Topic has been to explore Light and Shadows. As we're in the Summer term, we have also been looking at staying safe in the sun. This tied in perfectly with our Math's topic of 3D Shapes, area and perimeter.

The task was to create an eco-friendly Sun Shelter for the KS2 playground, comprised of the nets and 3D shapes that we had created in maths. We knew that we did not want to sun light to get into the sun shelter, and that we wanted to use opaque materials to stop the sunlight permeating through.


Our Sun Shelters

D&T, Art and Science


For our rock work, we've been looking at impermeable and durable materials. One of our experiments was to test these two properties of 10 rocks to find the most durable and impermeable rocks, so that we could design a kitchen for a famous singer!



Our Science Experiment Results

A bird's eye view of the kitchen

A fridge that opens...complete with food!

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The Tortoise and the Hare

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This term, we have been looking at fables, in particular, we explored the Tortoise and the Hare. The children of Beech created pop up books, complete with gorgeous lolli-pop stick puppets to create a touring, portable puppet show! They also shared them with Pine during buddy time on Friday.

The Stone Age to Iron Age!

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Here we have the latest piece of incredible homework from Year 3. The task this week was to create a piece of Stone Age jewellery. We have a range of pieces from fully functional earrings, salt dough creations to pieces made purely from natural resources. Thank you to the parents for their support with this piece. Fit for a Neanderthal indeed!

Art: Light, shade and gradient

World Smile Day

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To honour World Smile Day, our homework was to do an act of kindness and make someone smile! Here is one of the exquisite pieces of homework that was given a Headteacher's sticker, showing all the ways you can make someone smile.

National Poetry Day

Autumnal Poetry

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To celebrate National Poetry Day, Beech created autumnal poems, using acrostics and the 5 senses. We created a word dice, to elevate our vocabulary and wrote a poem using the words we rolled!

Fairytales: Jack and the Beanstalk

Our R.E Pop-Up Work!

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Here is a child's pop-up work for R.E about where they belong.