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Ash class are really proud to be helping British astronaut Tim Peake with an exciting experiment by planting rocket seeds that have been in space.  On Thursday 21st April children sowed the seeds, received from the Royal Horticultural Society, and along with many other schools in the country are caring for the seeds and monitoring their progress as they grow.  The seeds were sent to the International Space Centre in September and have been kept in zero gravity conditions, before returning to earth in March.


Ash class have received a blue packet of seeds and a red packet of seeds but we are unaware of which seeds went into space.  We have planted the seeds and have responsibility for looking after them and following the instructions for the experiment in order to ensure a fair test.


Here are some of our thoughts so far:


"I think that our plants are doing well -  so far 13 plants have germinated."  Holly and Kenya.


"We planted our seeds, watered them and have turned them 180 degrees to get an even amount of light.  Sadly we had two in one segment so had to pull one out."  Elliottt, Ben and Harrison.


"So far the rocket seeds are growing very well.  We are trying to check if they have 4 leaves yet."  Alexander, Tom, Sammy and Fraser.


"Right now the plants are small, but they will grow big."  Dylan, Fionn, Josh and Alex.


"Our plants are really healthy and getting lots of water, though they are still small"  Emily, Eva and Agatha.


"Our plants are getting on really well and we're really excited about what they are going to look like!"  Guy, Fergus, Fraser, Freddie.


"I think ours are going really well and we've watered them every day since we planted them." Rufus, Evie, George and Peter.


"We got some rocket seeds that either have been up in space or have stayed here on earth.  So fare we have had 18 rocket seeds that have grown"  Hannah, Alice, Emily, Elsa and Lizzie



Rocket seeds have landed!

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