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31st January Weekly Blog by Georgia and Daniel

Circuits! Over the past few weeks in science we have been experimenting with circuits. We have learnt that a circuit is made up of electrical components including batteries, wires, motors, light bulbs and buzzers. Every circuit needs a power source, such as a battery or a cell. An ‘er’ statement for a circuit is, the thicker the wire the brighter the bulb/louder the buzzer/faster the motor. Another ‘er’ statement is, the longer the wire the dimmer the bulb/quieter the buzzer/slower the motor.  


We have also learned how to draw a circuit scientifically. Instead of using pictures in our circuits we have used symbols to represent different components. The wires need to be straight and connected to the other electrical component. No symbol can be drawn in a corner of the circuit and circuits have to be drawn as a square or a rectangle.


We have enjoyed experimenting with circuits and we can’t wait for next week!