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22nd November Weekly Blog by Rachel

Leaf Drawings!
In Maple class over the past few weeks in art we have been looking at drawing the different shapes and colours of autumn leaves. We started off by collecting lots of interesting and bright leaves off the school field; we tried to pick the most colourful ones so that our pictures were brighter! We then had to carefully look at our chosen leaf and try to draw the outline of it. To get the effect, we then had to draw all of the veins that we could see on the leaf also to make it look realistic. Next we had to focus on the colours on our leaf, we had to blend all the colours together instead of colouring in blocks. To start off we had to fill in the main colour of each part of the leaf. Then to get the colours we wanted, we had to build up on that section by adding other colours until we got it right. If you did it lightly, then it would blend together better. It was hard work to get it right, but another thing that wasn’t helpful was that each week the leaf crumpled and curled up and also lost its colours! Eventually we managed to get a leaf that look like a photograph copy but at least we had fun doing it! I got to show mine in Special Assembly!