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22nd November Weekly Blog by Charlotte

Play Scripts!

In Ash Class we have been looking at play scripts and we wrote our own ones based on The Witches by Roald Dahl. Mine and Jacob’s was about a boy who goes into a cellar and a witch comes in and he squirts champagne at her. Then he climbs a chimney and ends up in a hairdressers.  The witch follows him and he tries to climb the hairdressers chimney but she lights it and he falls down.   He does karate chops on her and runs home. Then he hides under his bed. When it is safe he goes and tells his grandma, who is a witch as well but he doesn’t know that and she says she doesn’t believe him so he gets sent to his room because she says he is lying. It was very fun but hard because we had to think of all the right adverbs and stage directions.  Next we will type them up on the computers and perform them to each other.