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17th January Weekly Blog by Rachel and Daniel

Christmas Cakes! In Maple class, before Christmas we made Christmas cake boxes and lids to fit. We had to think about the size and how we were going to decorate our boxes. To make the boxes we had card, glue, felt-tips, gold and silver pens and knitting needles to score the lines. Next we made the cakes! We used a simple fruit cake recipe. To decorate the cakes we first had to cover the top in warm apricot jam with a bit of water in. Then we put the marzipan on top and smoothed it down. After that we covered the marzipan with water to act like an edible glue to stick the white icing on top. Then it’s onto the fun part! Decorating! We had white, green, yellow, blue, red and brown icing to create our masterpiece. They were decorated with snowmen, angels, Christmas trees, carol singers, and Santa people moulded. Some people even used edible gold stars. We then wrapped it in red and green ribbon with a Merry Christmas sign on to finish. Next we put our wonderful cakes in our boxes and they looked scrumptious, almost too good to eat! We all even got a Head Teachers sticker and were very proud of them.