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15th November Weekly Blog by Rachel and Lily

Parachute Experiments!

In Maple class this week we’ve been learning about forces and air resistance in science. We were split into groups and we all had different things to test in our groups which would change the speed of our parachutes. They were the material, weight, shape and size. The choice of materials were plastic, tissue paper, fabric and card. Then we had to make our parachutes using only the material, string and washers as weights to act like people. Then we set off our parachutes from the ceiling by standing on the table! We had to drop each parachute four times and then find the average to make sure that the results we gathered weren’t a fluke. To make the test fair we had to all use the same size washers, material and string, also to drop it from the ceiling all of the time. After all of our tests were completed we were told to do a presentation on the experiments on a big sheet of paper. It was all fun because we had a lot of freedom and we decided what we could do, instead of being told what to do!